Media Buying and Planning

Admarkit is the leader in buying Direct Response media time on television, radio, print and online.  We've been buying response media since 1997.

As a starting point we will review your CPA (cost per acquisition) and then recommend the best media opportunities to maximise return on investment and minimise risk. We can then negotiate the best possible deal for you, using our combined buying power.

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Advertising Production

It is widely acknowledged in the advertising industry that Direct Response ads are among the most difficult to get right!

Because Admarkit is the only agency in the New Zealand market that has been focused on Direct Response for nearly 20 years, we have fine tuned our Creative to achieve the lowest possible CPA (cost per acquisition) across our campaigns.

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Marketing Management

We professionally bring together the key elements in cost effective Marketing.

In addition to our specialist Direct Response advertising expertise we have over the years developed key Marketing capabilities.  Admarkit offers clients a comprehensive Marketing Partnership opportunity which has led to growth in excess of 50% a year for many of our partner brands.

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Websites and Online Marketing

Admarkit has developed award winning websites using our Direct Response expertise to maximise customer conversion and involvement.

Today, websites we have worked on generate millions of dollars in sales every year.  We can help you achieve the same online and ensure the massive opportunities now available in digital marketing, SEO, online advertising and social media are fully exploited.

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